Baby Gate Reviews 2018

Stop them in their tracks !!

Keeping your home safe for your baby is every parents main priority, especially when your little one is just starting to motor around the house; whether they are crawling or walking. Babies are naturally curious creatures and want to get into anything and everything that their little fingers can reach, thats why finding the perfect one is a MUST!

Choosing the right gate that suits your home can become overwhelming since there are many types of gates.

The two main ones are:

  • Pressure mounted gates
  • hard wood mounted gates

Hardware mounted gates are used when it comes to blocking off a more high-risk environment for your child, such as the stairs or kitchen. When it comes to installing hardware mounted gates make sure you screw it into a stud or a solid wall to ensure that the gate is secure and safe.

Pressure mounted gates are very simple to install and doesn’t leave any holes or marks in the wall when finished with it. Pressure mounted gates are NOT to be used for the top of the stairs since they cannot withstand as much weight on them whereas hardware mounted gates do. These types of gates are great to use on same level floors.

When looking for a baby gate that is suitable for your home; there are a few things to check first:

  • Does it have a secure and stable mount?
  • Are the latches easy to use? – Find one that is easy for adults to open but difficult for babies.
  • Durability? – Can it withstand shaking/pulling.
  • Tall enough? – the length of any baby gates needs to be 22″ MINIMUM
  • Door opening? – Decide if you want a gate that can open both ways or if a 1 way gate is best for you.
  • Safe construction? – Spacing in a baby gate should be no more than 3″ apart to prevent them getting their head stuck. The safest baby gates have a straight top edge that has rigid vertical slats can prevent your little one from trying to climb up and over and it also prevents their fingers getting pinched.

After spending hours searching through baby gates; I have put together what I believe to be the best baby gates in 2018, and i feel 100% confident that it will leave you happy with your purchase knowing that your baby is safe and out of harms way.

Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gate 2018,

The North States Supergate Easy-Close Gate

The North States Supergate Easy-Close Gate Metal is made to keep your child safe and secure. It is built out of steel which makes the gate strong, sturdy and reliable when it comes to keeping your little one out of off-limit areas.

This baby gate opens and closes with one hand making it easier for adults to use. Has a triple-locking system to give you that extra bit of security and peace of mind, and comes with a “Hold-open” feature which is great when you need the gate to stay open for however long you need it to. When its time to close the gate after using the “hold open” feature – just a simple nudge and will automatically close and lock securely.

This gate is 29″ tall and fits openings that are 28 to 31.5 inches wide, but can expand to 38.5 inches with the 2 extensions that are included to ensure you get that perfect fit.

The white powder coated metal makes the gate more durable when it comes to your child banging, shaking or pulling on the gate. This baby gate is designed to keep your baby safe without having to sacrifice your home decor with this simple white look.

This Easy-Close Gate is simple to install. There is no hardware needed, all you need to do is place the gate in the opening of your home, then tighten the tension mounts until it fits securely against the wall. Remember these types of gates are not meant to be for the top of stairs, but can be used for the bottom of the stairs instead.

The Best Hardware Mount For Large openings 2018,

North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Metal Gate, Linen, Hardware Mount

Need a baby gate to fit a larger space within your home? The Norh States Supergate deluxe Decor metal Gate is exactly what you need! This gate can fit openings anywhere between 38 to 72 inches wide and 30 inches high. Having a higher gate has many benefits; like saving your back from having to bend down every time.

This gate is made out of heavy-duty metal and is coated with a nice linen finish that will flatter your home decor. This gate can go straight across or it can configure to any space in your home by using the pivot points that are on the gate panel will allow you to get that perfect fit that is needed.

The Supergate Deluxe Gate was built with busy parents in mind. The gate panel is 25.5 inches wide built with a child proof double-locking feature making it easy for parents to open with one hand, but impossible for babies to figure it out. It also has a hold open feature that is simple to use and convenient when making multiple trips back and forth.

It can be easy removed when not in use. You can simply detach it from the mounting hardware and it will easily fold up and won’t take up much room when in storage.

If you have a space that is wider than 72 inches, ( a 6 bar extension) is available and will increase the width of the gate by 15 inches. ( Extension Sold Separately)


The Best Hardware Mounted Safety Gate For Stairs 2018,

Supergate Easy Swing & Lock Gate

Supergate Easy Swing & Lock Gate has been designed perfectly for the tops of stairs, but it can also block off other large areas of your home as well if needed. It can fit openings from 28 to 48 inches and stands 31″ high.

There is no threshold on this gate which may help eliminate any possible tripping hazards to occur.

Easy Swing Gate door panel swings in one direction only to prevent from swinging over top of stairs.

The safety latch on the gate can easily open with one hand making it great for when you have your hands full.

This gate has been constructed out of steel and has a beautiful matte bronze finish and a straight-line detail making this gate not only strong and secure, but it will add a great touch to any home decor with its simple, but yet attractive look.

This gate provides you with all the mounting hardware that is required to install it properly. Place the gate in the opening that needs to be blocked off, then continue to fasten all 4 of the gate hinges into a good foundation whether it be wood or metal.

***This is the gate I use for the top of my stairs and I couldn’t be happier with it!! Its easy to install when following instructions (I recommend following instructions) and I love how there is no threshold to have to step over and how it easily swings closed ***

One minute you see them, the next you don’t!!

You will be surprised how fast babies can get around once they start getting the hang of crawling or walking! That’s why it is essential when you are choosing a baby gate that is strong, sturdy and will stop your baby right in their tracks from getting into mischief. Both pressure-mount and hardware-mount gates have their pros when it comes to keeping your baby safe.

Hopefully this was helpful on making your baby gate decision!

Please feel free to comment below! I would love to hear about what you all think of these products as well!





Baby proofing for your home

Time to turn your adult-friendly home into a baby-friendly home!

Trying to make your adult-friendly home into a baby-friendly home can a bit over-whelming and stressful, especially if you are a first-time-mom. It’s always best to start baby-proofing your home before your baby is born or before they turn 6 months of age.

Why? because not only does it give you peace of mind when your baby starts puttering around the house, but it also saves you the hassle of doing it while looking after your busy baby.

Once your baby has mastered the skills of crawling or even walking, it is natural for them to become curious and begin to explore the world surround them. As a parent, it’s our job to protect our babies well-being and prevent any harm that may come his/her way, whether it’s a bump on the head or a cut! Unfortunately we cannot prevent every single boo boo your baby gets, even though we wish we could. That’s why baby proofing your home is incredibly important and essential!

When it comes to baby proofing for your home, you want to make sure the environment that surrounds your child is up to standards.

There are so many things to think about before entering a room; whereas before it may have never crossed your mind.

Such As:

  • Blind cords are ties up
  • Electrical outlets are covered
  • Small objects are picked up off floor
  • Stairs are blocked off
  • Cupboards are locked
  • Pet food out of reach
  • chemicals are locked up

The list goes on and on… but that’s all the fun in being a parent, right? not like we didn’t have enough on our plate to begin with, but there is a secret trick to better understand what may or may not be a hazard to your little one.

Look at the world from their perspective!

What do I mean by that? I mean it’s time to start crawling!!

That best way to see the dangers in your home is by getting down on their level; when getting on all fours you will be able to see things that you wouldn’t have noticed from your own height. You will see potential choking hazards (if it can fit in a toilet roll, remove it from area), and all things that your baby can grab and yank down. Remember our number one priority is keeping our baby safe and out of harms way.

Common Hazards throughout the home:

Bathtub: As fun as bath time can be for you and the little one, it’s also important to understand how dangerous it can be.

  • Never leave your little one unattended even if it is just for a couple seconds to go grab something.
  • Drowning can happen in less than an inch of water
  • Put down a rubber mat to prevent any bumps or bruises
  • Keep away from the faucet                                                                       Photo by Henley Design Studio from Pexels
  • Turn down water heater to 120 degrees to prevent scalding and burns

Electrical outlets and cords: The last thing we what is them chewing/pulling on the electrical cords or putting objects inside the outlets which is extremely dangerous

  • Cover all outlets with plastic covers
  • Keep all electrical cords away/tied up.

Furniture: Once your little one starts grabbing onto things to pull oneself up, it’s always best to make sure nothing can tip over and harm them

  • Secure TV to wall or stand it may sit on. (Fasteners work great for TV stands)
  • Bolt any unstable/tipsy furniture around the house to the wall or floor.

Blind/curtain cords: Little ones are known to get tangled up in these

  • Tie them up and out of reach

Dressers/Drawers: If babies can find a way, they will climb anything.

  • Bolt dresser to the wall to prevent it from toppling over on them
  • Lock all drawers, so they cannot pull them out on top of themselves or use them as stairs to climb up onto dresser.


  • Lock them up so they don’t get into anything that they shouldn’t be in
  • Prevents their fingers from getting closed in.

Cleaning Chemicals:

  • Use safety locks and keep them out of reach of your child.

Plants: Not only do you not want your baby getting into your plants and making a mess, but also plants are known to be toxic and can harm your baby

  • Put them somewhere where they cannot touch it ( For yours and your babies sake)

Toilets: Toilet can also be a drowning hazard due to the water in them, as well as the lid can come down and pinch their fingers

  • Lock the toilet lid or lock the bathroom door to keep your little one safe

Stairs: Injuries happen more often than you think on the stairs.

  • Always block off the stairs with a safety gate
  • remove any toys or items that are lying around the stairs (tripping hazard)


There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to baby proofing your home to protect your baby from harms way. It can seem overwhelming at first, but once you start it isn’t as difficult as it sounds, it’s all about taking those common sense steps to prevent injuries. If you feel like you may have missed something, the best thing to do is to get back on your hands and knees again and scan each room thoroughly, you can even ask a family member or friend to double check for you to make sure nothing was missed.