3 Best Baby Monitoring system reviews

The purpose of a baby monitor.

Baby monitors come with two parts: a transmitter which is placed in the area the baby is, and a receiver unit that stays with you and lets you hear the audio. It acts as a second set of ears within your home. The transmitter that stays within your babies room can pick up on all sorts of different noises which can assure you that your baby is okay, or whether they need your immediate attention ASAP. Monitors are not to be used as a way to substitute adult supervision. Remember; Adult supervision is the best supervision when it comes to your babies safety!

Digital. Analog. What’s the difference?

Baby monitors can send signals from the transmitter to the receiver in a couple different ways. Depending on what type you choose could affect your over all baby monitor experience.

Digital: A digital monitor has a more secure signal providing you with extra security and protecting your privacy within your home by not allowing other signals to interfere.

  • Signal is encrypted and secure. (No one can hear what’s going on inside your house)
  • Quality of sound is much better
  • Longer Range
  • Less likely to cause interference with other wireless devices around
  • slightly more expensive

Analog: An analog monitor is sort of like a “walkie-talkie” in way; if you are on a channel and someone else is near you on the same channel, there is more of a chance that they can hear your conversation within your home and vise versa.

  • Shorter range
  • Less expensive
  • Multiple channels to choose from to get a good signal.
  • May have static in background (hissing sound)
  • Possible interference with other neighbors around you if they have similar model that uses the same signal.
  • Wireless devices in your home can also interfere with the quality of sound.
  • Signal is not encrypted.

Audio-Only Vs. Audio-Video

Purchasing a baby monitor is crucial when it comes to keeping track of your little one and completing the nursery. Having one in the home with give you peace of mind while your baby is sleeping and you can get at those house-hold tasks done that you have meant to get to, but before you go and purchasing a baby monitor, you need to decide whether you want an audio-only or video-audio. While all monitors come with audio built in, it’s up to you to decide if you would be okay knowing that you can only hear them or would you feel reassured knowing that you can see your baby at all times as well as hear them?

Pros of Audio-only:

  • Cost Effective
  • Some models allow communication on both ends
  • Won’t feel the need to look at the monitor every 5 seconds to see them.

Pros of Video-Audio:

  • Night-vision – Allowing you to see your baby if there is no light on
  • Doesn’t require you to make multiple trips to the babies room to assure they are okay.
  • Can see if they are awake or sleeping
  • Some models have a multiple camera option; allowing you to have up to 4 cameras placed within your home to keep an eye on your baby.
  • Zoom feature
  • Detect room temperature

**Although video-audio can be more costly than the basic audio monitor, with the features it provides parents, I would have to say it is well worth the money!**

Best Audio-Only Baby Monitor:

V-tech communications safe and sound digital monitor

Need something simple and easy to use? Something that can cancel out background noise and can pick up the slightest noise that comes from your baby? but don’t need one with all those fancy bells and whistles? Then the V-tech communications safe and sound digital monitor is what you need.

This monitor has DECT 6.0 Digital technology behind it; meaning it will cancel out any background noise that is in the same room as your little one, such as if you play white noise for your baby to help them fall asleep. It also ensures that you are listening your baby, and your baby only by preventing any sort of interference from neighbors around you who may also be using a similar model.

Has a built-in LED 5 level sound indicator that will light up on the receiver letting you know that your baby is up or stirring around; even if you have the monitor on mute for whatever reason. Which in my books is a HUGE plus!

It also comes with a belt clip that clips on to you, allowing you to do other things around the house while they sleep and still have both your hands free! The V-Tech digital monitor is battery operated and allows you to go anywhere up to 1000ft and will alert you when you have gone out of range.

After reading up on the reviews for this product, the one thing that everyone has said about this product is how amazed they were with the quality of the sound that was transmitted to their end. A few parents said they had fans in the background for white noise, and it completely blocked that noise out, allowing them to hear the baby more clear.

The Best Baby Video Monitoring System:

Summer Infant Panorama Digital Video Monitor

Some parents feel better knowing that they can see there baby without having to go in and disturbing their babies sleep. The Summer Infant Panorama 2.0 Digital Video Monitor not only lets you see your baby, it also has a remote control 180 degrees pan/tilt camera allowing you to have total access inside your babies entire room!

Are you looking for a monitor that has a bigger screen to see your baby on? The summer infant baby monitor has a 5″ hi-res color LCD video display flat screen with a 2x zoom feature letting you get up close and personal while they are in the other room sleeping or playing

100% digital technology; protecting you and your babies privacy within the home.

Multiple camera hook-up; you can add up to 4 cameras and gives you the option switch between each camera screen every few seconds if your hand-held device is set up to do so.

You will no longer have to wonder if your babies room is too cold, or too hot with its built-in temperature display — ensuring you that your baby is sleeping at a comfortable temperature.

2-way communication feature letting you soothe/talk to your baby with ease by pressing down the button on your end.

1000ft range and will indicate when you have gone too far. You can adjust the brightness and volume to your liking. It also comes with sound activating LED lights that will light up when your little one is up and making noise if the volume is on mute or not.

This monitor is great for bedtime with its automatic night vision and it’s built-in 2-color soft-glow (red/blue) that acts like a nightlight if your baby gets fussy when their room is completely dark.

From what I have read from people that have bought this product was they were impressed with how easy setting it up was and how great the quality of sound and picture it gives off; the picture during the day is clear, and at night if the room is completely dark, you can still see your baby with the night-time vision, which is a neat feature to have. Another thing that they loved about this product was the ability to look around your little ones room with the remote control camera, as there is no spot that you cannot see, and has the option to hook up to 4 cameras if you need.

Affordable Video Baby Monitor:

FLOUREON 2.0 Inch WIFI Baby Monitor

You don’t always need to pay high end prices for good quality products. If you are looking for a baby monitor that won’t cost you an arm and leg, then i’d recommend choosing the FLOUREON 2.0 Inch WIFI Baby Monitor.

The FLOUREON 2.0 Inch WIFI Baby Monitor has a mini hand-held monitor with a 2.0″ LCD display that is light making it easy to carry around with you while doing house-hold tasks.

This monitor is equipped with 2.4 Gigahertz FHSS technology that will enhance the quality of the sound by preventing signals to cross paths that may cause interference. The FLOUREN 2.0 Inch baby monitor comes with many of the features that those high-priced ones come with. The only thing that is not included in this product is the zoom feature option, and some parents are perfectly okay with that because of the affordable price.

Easily allows you to see the environment your babies in with the Pan-Tilt function that is provided with this monitor. It pans up to 360 degrees horizontally and tilts vertically up to 120 degrees ensuring that you don’t miss a thing! Also, allows you to talk to your baby through the monitor with the 2-way communication feature that is clear on both ends.

It comes with 8 different built-in lullabies that will soothe your baby to sleep and has an automatic HD night vision feature that gives you a clear view of your baby up to 15FT while it’s night-time. Displays the temperature on the hand-held monitor (Celsius and Fahrenheit) and will alert parents when the room becomes either too hot or too cold, so you know your baby is comfortable at all times !

Reviewers express how much they love this product! They state the monitor will cancel out any background noise, such as white noise or nature sounds, but will detect the slightest movement or sound the baby will make. The sound is clear and so is the picture quality, and the temperature display is a huge bonus! For the price of this monitor, you cannot go wrong!

I hope this helped you decide on what type of monitor will suit you and your home best! Remember that monitors are to be used as an extra set of eyes and ears to keep your baby safe at all times and should not be substitute for parental supervision !

Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom; as I would love to hear from you, and see what you think about these products !